Dr. Richard Michaud
President and CEO
New Frontier

Dr. Richard Michaud is President and Chief Executive Officer of New Frontier. He earned a PhD in Mathematics from Boston University and has taught investment management at Columbia University. His research and consulting has focused on asset allocation, investment strategies, global investment management, optimization, stock valuation, and trading costs. He is the author of Efficient Asset Management (Harvard 1998, 2nd ed. Oxford 2008 with Robert Michaud), Investment Styles, Market Anomalies, and Global Stock Selection (CFA Research Monograph 1999), and over 60 published journal articles, manuscripts, and white papers available at and, as well as on the New Frontier website. He is co-holder of four U.S. patents in portfolio optimization and asset management, a Graham and Dodd Scroll winner for his work on optimization, a former editorial board member of the Financial Analysts Journal, associate editor of the Journal Of Investment Management, and former director of the Q Group. Dr. Michaud's research was recently profiled in the WatersTechnology cover story "Rebel Math" (January 2019). Notable press articles also include "Modern Portfolio Theory’s Evolutionary Road" (Institutional Investor 2010) and “Markowitz says Michaud has built a better mousetrap” (Pensions & Investments 2003).

Published Work

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