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New Frontier Tops Morningstar Rankings

New Frontier's global strategic portfolios topped the Global Balanced Strategic category of the latest Morningstar ETF Managed Portfolios Landscape Report, holding four of the top five spots when ranked by five-year performance. The Morningstar ETF Managed Portfolios Landscape Report, released in Q1 2016, lists New Frontier's Global Balanced Growth second, the Global Balanced Growth (Tax) third, the Global Balanced fourth, and the Global Balanced (Tax) fifth. Last year, the Global Balanced Growth topped the category.

"We are very pleased to have four of our portfolios ranked so high," stated Dr. Richard Michaud, President and CEO of New Frontier. "We pride ourselves on managing risk with our patented optimization and rebalancing processes. These results underscore both the strength of our process and how over time, unique diversification and risk management technology supports consistent performance."

Press Release

New Frontier offers institutional expertise and patented investment processes to enhance return and manage risk via statistically vigorous, robust, and transparent investment vehicles.
Awarded four patents, New Frontier provides state-of-the-art asset allocation and portfolio optimization tools featuring the Michaud Efficient Frontier™ and other innovations.
A globally-recognized independent research authority, New Frontier continues to contribute to the cutting-edge of investment theory in asset allocation, investment strategies, global investment management, optimization, stock valuation, portfolio analysis, and trading costs.

Quarterly Market Perspectives

Read Dr. Michaud's insights into the last quarter, focusing particularly on Brexit. "After Boris"

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About New Frontier

New Frontier is a Boston-based research and registered investment advisory firm specializing in the development and application of state-of-the-art investment technology. Founded in 1999 by the inventors of the world's first broad spectrum, patented, provably effective portfolio optimization process, the firm continues to pioneer new developments in asset management. New Frontier's services help institutional investors worldwide select and maintain more effective portfolios.