The New Frontier Family of Indices:

  • Spans the spectrum of long-term systematic risk, ranging from 20/80 to 100% equity stock/bond ratio.
  • Provides investors with a range of benchmarks for managing long-term investment objectives.
  • Offers index performance, calculated by S&P Dow Jones Indices, which is not a hypothetical measure of return, but is based on the 16-year history of New Frontier’s ETF portfolio management performance in index form.
  • Is U.S. dollar denominated, accessible and priced in real-time, and available on Bloomberg, the S&P and New Frontier websites, smartphone stocks apps, Yahoo Finance, and on wearable devices like the Apple Watch.
  • Provides a new performance benchmark for index-to-index comparison of popular active and passive market indices.
  • More realistically reflects the kinds of risk-targeted portfolios in which institutions and individuals invest.
  • Employs Michaud optimization for index construction - a patented optimization process designed to more realistically address uncertainty endemic in investment information.  
  • Differs from widely quoted benchmarks by including realistic investment considerations while avoiding rigid, rule-based allocation/calculation methodologies.
  • Reflects our commitment to continuous innovation for enhanced asset management.


For more information on the investment approach behind the indices, visit the “Our Process” section of FrontierAdvisor™.  



The indices are not investable securities. Any investable security would have performance reduced by fees. In any case, past performance does not guarantee future results. As market conditions fluctuate, the investment return and principal value of any investment will change. Diversification may not protect against market risk.