The Estimator and Optimizer create the Michaud efficient frontier, but there are many more steps in the investment process. These additional modules help with those additional steps.

  • Portfolio Analysis and Financial Planning Module (LifeCycle)—LifeCycle provides rigorous financial planning based on New Frontier's extensive research into the theory and practice of investment over time.  It considers portfolio value, proposed investment program, fees, inflation, and time horizon to estimate the likelihood of achieving investment goals in an easy to use and understand interface.  It is available in desktop and iPad versions.
  • Michaud-Esch Rebalance Test—Determine when to rebalance your portfolios with our multi-patented rebalancing test. Avoid ineffective, costly trades by only rebalancing when there is a statistically significant difference between the current portfolio and the optimal portfolio.
  • Trade Advisor—The Trade Advisor offers guidance, using a probability based stopping rule, for how to trade.  It finds the trades that lower the tracking error and rebalance score most effectively while limiting turnover, thus keeping costly trades down.
  • Network Multi-Core Operation—Speed up the computation of the software by employing network multicore operation.
  • Investment Automation (Robot)—The Robot enables automatic updating and review of cases.


One of the many case comparison tools available within LifeCycle