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By New Frontier

Our latest commentary, “Market Perspectives: 4th Quarter 2012,” is now available online. Featuring Dr. Richard Michaud’s analysis of global market trends, this compact, comprehensive review is a must-read for busy investors who need serious, insightful information delivered in a timely manner. This issue includes not only Dr. Michaud’s examination of market news from the previous quarter, but also a look back at significant events throughout 2012, providing investors a big-picture assessment of the political and economic forces affecting our world.

Among the Highlights:

  • Eurozone analysis. With Greece nearly defaulting on its debt, and the news that banks in other European Union member countries are facing their own capitalization problems, what is the state of the European Union? Can the “Man of the Year” save the Euro?
  • A look at Asia. In 2012, both China and Japan, the world’s second- and third-largest economies, respectively, underwent major changes in political leadership. How might these transitions affect markets going forward?
  • Domestic analysis. In the 11th hour, Congress passed a bill averting major tax increases and spending cuts associated with the fiscal cliff. But the near-impasse raises an important question: Is our government capable of effectively negotiating economic crises? Meanwhile, the presidential and congressional elections alleviated some of the uncertainty surrounding domestic monetary and stimulus policies. Are there now signs of growth in the American economy?

In addition to interpreting market events of the past 12 months, our commentary features a “Look Ahead” that examines a range of future global concerns, including:

  • How the fiscal cliff compromise may affect domestic equities in the near future
  • What challenges threaten the United States’ continued economic recovery
  • Which Eurozone countries should be monitored by risk-averse investors in 2013
  • What challenges the European Union faces if it wishes to avoid a debt crisis
  • How capital markets are responding to ongoing regulatory changes in domestic and international markets

Dr. Michaud explains the unique philosophical and technical innovations that make New Frontier a leader in the world of asset management. Technology has already revolutionized the world of investing, but the ability to refine the optimization process by adapting software to changing market conditions is a next-generation advancement in the industry. It also describes how our hybrid strategic asset allocation model differs from passive and tactical models, producing portfolios with sustainable, enhanced results designed to meet investors’ long-term objectives. Global portfolio diversification has served the investors of our funds well. By reading Dr. Michaud’s fourth-quarter commentary, you will gain a better understanding of worldwide markets, and how global diversification can benefit strategic, long-term investors in the years to come.

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